Medical Weight Loss

The clinic does not accept insurance for visits and in-house procedures. Visits start at $100.

Why is it beneficial to see a provider that looks at you wholly; considering all aspects of your health?

Our providers consider all aspects of your health.  There are medical conditions that can affect not only your goal of weight loss, but also how you feel overall.

Personalized Approach

Our providers will tailor the weight loss plan according to the patient's individual health status, medical history, and any underlying conditions. They can address specific concerns and develop a plan that is safe and effective for the patient's unique needs.

Comprehensive Assessment

A full medical workup typically involves assessing various aspects of health, including hormonal balance, thyroid function, cardiovascular health, and potential nutrient deficiencies. This comprehensive evaluation helps identify any underlying medical issues contributing to weight gain or making weight loss challenging. It is not uncommon for our providers to identify underlying conditions that prohibit and hinder weight loss goals.

Identifying Health Risks

Our providers can identify any potential health risks associated with weight loss or obesity, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or sleep apnea. By addressing these risks early on, they can mitigate complications and ensure safe weight loss.

Monitoring Progress Safely

Will anything, there are risks with medications. We monitor the patient's progress closely and adjust the weight loss plan as needed. They can conduct regular check-ups, monitor vital signs, and perform laboratory tests to ensure that weight loss is occurring in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Access to Medical Expertise

Patients benefit from the expertise of medical professionals who understand the complexities of weight management and can provide evidence-based guidance. They can also offer support and motivation throughout the weight loss journey.

Safety and Risk Management

Medical providers can prescribe medications or interventions for weight loss when appropriate, ensuring that these interventions are safe and suitable for the patient's health status. They can also help manage any potential side effects or complications.

Long-Term Success

By addressing underlying medical issues and providing personalized support, medical providers can help patients achieve long-term success with weight loss and weight maintenance. This approach focuses on improving overall health and well-being rather than just achieving a certain number on the scale.

In contrast, while weight loss clinics may offer certain benefits such as convenience or specialized programs, they may not always provide the same level of comprehensive medical assessment and individualized care that a medical provider can offer.

Get a Jump Start

Each visit is $60 and includes: medical history and evaluation, potential blood work, prescriptions for medication which will promote wellness and appetite suppression. Prescription medications can include phentermine.

Discounted Lipo-B injections are available at $15.00 (reg. $20.00) Mega-Burn shots $30.00. These injections can increase metabolism and promote stored fat loss. Each patient will receive an informational folder and water bottle.

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